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Beaches in Hong Kong

Beaches in Hong Kong




Hong Kong has a long coastline that is full of twists and turns with many bays and beaches. Many of them are well sheltered by mountains nearby, as Hong Kong is a mountainous place. As a result, large waves seldom appear at the bays, making them suitable for swimming.

However, with the increasing development and urbanisation of Hong Kong, water quality has worsened resulting in the closure of several beaches previously suitable for swimming. These include Approach Beach, Ting Kau Beach, Anglers' Beach, Gemini Beaches, Hoi Mei Wan Beach, Casam Beach and Lido Beach in Tsuen Wan.

The majority of beaches suitable for swimming in Hong Kong are managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and are officially referred to as gazetted beaches. A number of other beaches are privately owned or not gazetted, but are nonetheless publicly accessible.

At present, a total of forty beaches in Hong Kong are managed by the LCSD. Eleven of them are located on Hong Kong Island and the southern part of Kowloon Peninsula, and the remaining 29 are located across the New Territories, including the outlying islands

  1. Butterfly Beach (蝴蝶灣泳灘)
  2. Castle Peak Beach (青山灣泳灘)
  3. Kadoorie Beach (加多利灣泳灘)
  4. Cafeteria Old Beach (舊咖啡灣泳灘)
  5. Cafeteria New Beach (新咖啡灣泳灘)
  6. Golden Beach (黃金泳灘)
  7. Anglers' Beach (釣魚灣泳灘)
  8. Gemini Beaches (雙仙灣泳灘)
  9. Hoi Mei Wan Beach (海美灣泳灘)
  10. Casam Beach (更生灣泳灘)
  11. Lido Beach (麗都灣泳灘)
  12. Ting Kau Beach (汀九灣泳灘)
  13. Approach Beach (近水灣泳灘)
  14. Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach (馬灣東灣泳灘)
  15. Kiu Tsui Beach (橋咀泳灘)
  16. Hap Mun Bay Beach (廈門灣泳灘)
  17. Trio Beach (三星灣泳灘)
  18. Silverstrand Beach (銀線灣泳灘)
  19. Clear Water Bay First Beach (清水灣第一灣泳灘)
  20. Clear Water Bay Second Beach (清水灣第二灣泳灘)
  21. Big Wave Bay Beach (大浪灣泳灘)
  22. Shek O Beach (石澳泳灘)
  23. Turtle Cove Beach (龜背灣泳灘)
  24. Hairpin Beach (夏萍灣泳灘)
  25. Stanley Main Beach (赤柱正灘泳灘)
  26. St. Stephen's Beach (聖士提反灣泳灘)
  27. Chung Hom Kok Beach (舂坎角泳灘)
  28. South Bay Beach (南灣泳灘)
  29. Middle Bay Beach (中灣泳灘)
  30. Repulse Bay Beach (淺水灣泳灘)
  31. Deep Water Bay Beach (深水灣泳灘)
  32. Hung Sing Yeh Beach (洪聖爺灣泳灘)
  33. Lo So Sing Beach (蘆鬚城泳灘)
  34. Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach (長洲東灣泳灘)
  35. Kwun Yam Beach (觀音灣泳灘)
  36. Silvermine Bay Beach (銀鑛灣泳灘)
  37. Pui O Beach (貝澳泳灘)
  38. Upper Cheung Sha Beach (上長沙泳灘)
  39. Lower Cheung Sha Beach (下長沙泳灘)
  40. Tong Fuk Beach (塘福泳灘)

Posted on 3 OCt 2007

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