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Jumbo Kingdom was established in October 1976 by Dr. Stanley Ho[1] after four years and over HK$30 million were spent to design and build it. It was originally decorated in the style of an ancient Chinese imperial palace.

It consists of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant (珍寶海鮮舫) and the Tai Pak Floating Restaurant (太白海鮮舫), renowned tourist attractions in Hong Kong's Aberdeen Harbour. Over 30 million visitors have visited Jumbo Kingdom

The Jumbo Kingdom recently went through a major multi-million dollar renovation, which transformed it into a theme park on the sea including dining, shopping, sightseeing and cultural attractions.

Jumbo Kingdom Hong Kong’s Attractions

  • Topdeck: A restaurant and bar located on the topdeck of Jumbo which serves western cuisine. Topdeck is managed by Cafe Deco Group.
  • Dragon Court: Dragon Court is a fine dining Chinese restaurant which serves authentic and innovative Cantonese cuisine located on the first deck of Jumbo. The interior design of the restaurant is a mixture of Ming Dynasty and contemporary Chinese.
  • Cooking Academy: A Chinese culinary school taught by the chefs of Jumbo Kingdom.
  • Sampan Dining: Visitors can experience the nostalgic Hong Kong dining experience from a bygone era, the Typhoon Shelter seafood meal on a sampan.
  • The Chinese Tea Garden
  • Pier Plaza
  • Bronzeware Exhibition
  • Wine Garden

Posted on 3 OCt 2007

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